Butterflies, Butterflies

I am pleased to announce that I FINALLY got one of the butterfly pillowcases done! It seemed like it took me forever, lol. I just wish I had more hours in my day…or that sleep wasn’t a necessity…sigh.
I had so much fun doing this! Despite the fact that I received criticisms for being too young to embroider. Psshhh I say! I quickly learned that it’s rough on your fingers until you build up calluses orrrr get a leather thimble.

Here is a close up of the butterfly, sorry if it’s blurry.

Here are a couple tips that I picked up along the way:
1. When it comes to pillowcases, make sure you have the back of the case pushed away from the section you’re embroidering. You don’t want to accidently embroider the back to the front. :-p
2. Using two strands of embroidery thread makes the piece look more delicate than three.
3. The overall appearance of the piece is benefited if you keep your stitches going the same way. By this I mean if you make one X with \ on the bottom and / on the top, make them all that way. Don’t flip flop which level the stitches go. I hope that makes sense! The key is consistancy!
4. Always have back up skeins of thread. It sucks to be almost done with something and then realize you are out and can’t finish!

I hope you give embroidering a try! I’m going to continue working on the second pillowcase in my spare time but I doubt I will feature it as a blog simply because I have nothing more to say about this particular set. Have fun!


Pillowcase Mission Accepted

While in Branson I visited Dick’s Oldtime 5 & 10. I love, love, LOVE this store. I’m not sure if it’s the random merchandise they have that I dig so much or just the crazy, cluttered atmosphere which I feel at home in. Either way, they have an entire row of embroidering materials. If anybody is familiar with embroidering, they know that this is an extremely rare find.

As, I wandered the store (especially this aisle) I came across a simple set of lace-edged cross stitched butterfly pillowcases. I have embroidered in the past but it’s been a long time, I thought perhaps these would be a good start to get back into the craft.

Here’s a close up.

If a person has never embroidered before, this is the perfect sort of thing to start with. It has the recommended colors and color codes on the back of the packaging so you can easily get the colors you need. If you want, you can completely blow off the colors. But hey, be warned that the creators pick these colors for a reason, they know what looks best. This particular style of pillowcase also has a key of what color goes where, which is always nice. Excuse the wrinkles in the paper, it got mushed on the way home.

So, this is the creative task I’m planning on accomplishing, hopefully in the next week. I guess we shall see how it goes! I’ll keep you updated on it and any other things I try.

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