Gathering my thoughts and amazing deals

I’ve went four days without posting a blog. Ahhhh!! I’ve been so busy with classes and work I’ve hardly had time to think about creativity. Note: I said hardly. 🙂
I had an amazing find last night! I ran into Hobby Lobby to check out some new cake pans and found this awesome caddy for cake decorating!

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As I looked at it I realized that there was no price tag and of course it was the only one. So I took it with me and my newfound cakepans (which were on clearance mind you) to the check out lane. The cashier finally got someone to answer her page for a price check and then we waited some more for the person to actually figure out what they were supposed to be looking for. Anyway, low and behold they priced it at $24.99. I was down with that and promptly pulled out a 40% off coupon to use with it, taking it down to roughly $15. Great right? Well, I was in a different Hobby Lobby today and just happened to see the same kind of tote that I had gotten last night. Any guesses on the price? $59.99!! Wow, they messed up!

On another note, I went out to dinner with a close friend of mine today and as we were sitting there eating I looked down at my plate and was struck by my muse. I had decided to try clam and had a couple mini type of shells on my plate. I thought, “Huh, I could do something with these.” With this thought I went back up to the buffet and loaded a plate with them in order to keep the shells. The empty shells are now soaking in my kitchen sink. Here’s my crazy friend playing with one. Haha, I love her.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these things, but I will think of something! Any ideas are welcome!


What am I doing?

I haven’t written in a couple of days so I thought I would do an update post. The pillowcases (I’m just about done with the first one) are pretty awesome. They’re cute and actually fun to do. I’m thinking about getting a leather thimble though because dang it my finger hurts. I highly recommend a cross stitch pattern for anybody who’s interested in getting a start at embroiderying.
I got a crapload of stuff at Wally World to use for a few projects that I have in mind for the next couple weeks. As I get each done, you know I’ll post it! I just hope I get time to work on them between classes, work and my kiddo. :-/


I got to thinking the other day that I need to be careful of the topics I blog. This is only because I know that I could easily be distracted into the world of edible creativity, leaving behind any other kind. I know that I will probably have more food blogs than other tasks, but hey, I like to eat.
I’m currently on my spring break vacation in Branson, Missouri. What better town to entice my creativity/hobby muse to come to the surface? This town is full of entertainment and bursting at the seams with creativity. I have made a promise to myself (that my dear mother rolls her eyes at) to find some sort of creative outlet while I’m here. I’m unsure of a basic topic yet, but I will find something!
We went to Silver Dollar City today, where I had my high hopes of creative idea finding dashed. Don’t get me wrong, I love going there. We have season passes and visit several times during their open season. I just didn’t find anything that screamed, “hey, check this out” or “you can do this.” But, fear not, for we are here til Saturday and I am on a mission!

What’s this all about?

You may be wondering what’s up with this blog you happen to be visiting? Why is it worthy of your attention? What exactly is the purpose?
Well to put it simply, I am starting this blog with the goal of trying out new things, including recipes, crafts and anything else that comes to mind and may bring out my creative side. As I do this I am going to share the stories of my failures, successes and I’m sure, ridiculous mishaps. I’m hoping to accomplish at least one task a week, however the completion time depends on how large and complicated the task I’m attempting to complete is. I hope you enjoy!

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