I am a full time student currently pursuing an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing while working nights at a hotel. I have a five year old son who brightens my life every day.   When I’m not busy with him and school I like to cook, write and attempt crafts, which is the reason I’m starting this blog.  I promise to share my mistakes as well as my perfections.  🙂 

What else can I say about myself? I have an amazing family who supports me in any decisions I make. I have some amazing friends in my life who I love to spend time with.  I like the cold side of the pillow and strawberry daiquiris. I have a shopping problem and spend money I don’t have on items I don’t need. I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator and don’t do anything when it needs to be done. I am a facebookaholic and spend way too much time messing around on it.

I love my dog and hate wearing socks. I think Carrie Underwood is annoying and don’t really like any of her music. My second toe is longer than my first and I love Chinese food. I’m a sucker for blue eyes, especially when they’re my little boy’s. I can’t sleep without background noise and love unintentional puns. Cheesy jokes crack me up and I hate putting laundry away.

Oh, and I’m kind of random.


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